28 April 2017 @ 10:29 pm
today i'm being experimental! i tend to post photos on my twitter so i'm just copy-pasting the links here and seeing how well they show up on dreamwidth.

for the past couple days i've been playing the sims 4 in japanese. overall it's "pretty" good for practice, you get both really common words (chair, bed, eat) and uncommon (fingerprints, clues) but the main problem has been that, as usual, the font's too small for me. so i've changed the UI to 54 instead of 100 and also messed with the resolution and things got a lot bigger. some stuff breaks a little but i've found ways around most of it, for example if you can't access the "exit" button you just hit the escape key. if you own the game you can change it to a ton of different languages so if you're studying french or swedish or something, try it!

i found "korean pepper" at the grocery store and after adding it to my kimchi (which was only ginger, onion, water, salt and cabbage) it turned out really tasty! THIS is what makes kimchi taste actually good/like kimchi! it was about $4 for a container that only lasts for 4-5 cabbage heads, but it didn't strike me until after i'd already bought it that i could probably buy a huge bag of this spice off ebay for super cheap.


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