11 July 2017 @ 12:02 pm
i just keep hitting walls in trying to learn greenlandic. the learning materials are all confusing and usually very unclear on what ex. suffixes mean, the dictionaries are bad, etc etc. and i keep finding (out on accident during google searches) that inuktitut learning materials are usually a lot better. it turns out, all those "inuit" languages are dialects of each other but inuktitut is SO close to greenlandic that even i as someone who doesn't know either language can tell.

in terms of irregularity overall (stem changes etc) i haven't been able to find any details for inuktitut, but it only has like half the sound changes, ex. in greenlandic "iq, uq" changes to "er, or" depending on what sounds come next, but i think inuktitut stops at "ir, ur". so theoretically greenlandic would be "ajorpoq", inuktitut "ajurpuq" and in both cases you'd actually find it as "ajuq puq" in the dictionary. for a learner trying to constantly look up words and grammar, that makes things a lot easier.

and this is something i hadn't really thought about, but greenlandic is just "their native language". there's no question about it, you either know it or you don't, the whole country speaks it. inuktitut on the other hand is endangered and they're constantly trying to get people to learn it, meaning they're actually used to teaching inuktitut and very open about "please learn our language!" "our kids need to learn to get back their own culture!" etc — meanwhile NO ONE is used to teaching greenlandic. on top of that, native canadians are fucking poor so they're releasing tons of crap for FREE. greenlanders are nordic so they're RICH and think paying 60 euros for something that doesn't teach you even half the language is fine.

there's less writing in inuktitut overall, as in i haven't yet found an online newspaper in it for example, but i think i'm gonna start learning it and then just constantly transfer my knowledge over to greenlandic. just very brief glances at websites for it have already helped me a ton with stuff the greenlandic lessons were extremely unclear about...

anyone wanna learn with me?? lol
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