16 July 2017 @ 11:02 pm
got an idea for something to make and sell on etsy or some similar place. WREATH BRACELETS! you know, like mini christmas wreaths. only natural-looking ones, not ones with fake christmas balls and stuff.

i tried googling for "wreath bracelet" and only found crappy-looking ones or ones made from metal, not ones that just look like plain wreaths. so maybe i'll try making some at some point... plants can't be shipped to foreign countries so i probably wouldn't be able to sell ones made from real tree stuff, right... i helped a neighbour kid make real wreaths to sell one time but i have no idea if she ever managed to sell any. all i really remember is that the branches were prickly.

in general i have a ton of stuff i want to make. in an ideal world i'd have a sled and sled dogs and would use them (even in summer) to go to the grocery store and haul my groceries lol! also lots of food-plants (i don't care about flower-plants, they're useless if you can't eat them), regrowing vegetables (when you cut an onion, regrow it from the root to save money), stuff like that. i also want to make a sun oven, skiis, mittens, even fabric... the problem is just 1. having space/money to START doing all this stuff (right now i have the money to grow potatoes/onions for example, but not the space), 2. having the energy/motivation to not give up after i get discouraged.

and there's a bunch of stuff i want to buy to make my life easier. mostly glow-in-the-dark / neon paint, a hand-chopper (hand-powered blender i mean - real blenders are too much of a pain to clean, and are super loud and cost tons of electricity), yoghurt maker (for making natto), pressure cooker (again for making natto)... not really sure what else at this point.

i looked at grocery store ads for greenland and Nunavut (super-remote place in Canada that's well-known for being super expensive). greenland isn't actually much more expensive than here in sweden EXCEPT for all kinds of PRE-MADE and JUNK FOOD - a candy bar was three or five times as expensive for example, chicken was two times as expensive, but fish was half the cost. vegetables from iceland were pretty cheap but from other places were expensive. so, since all the expensive food was actually stuff i don't eat anyway, and almost all the meat seemed a lot cheaper, i think i'd probably be fine living there. you can also go to a shop in town where the hunters from town sell their wares, as in literally go pick up a full (not-yet-plucked) duck and stuff, maybe that's even cheaper...

in Nunavut absolutely everything was really expensive (ex. $15 for a sausage) but the "you can make this at home" stuff were insanely expensive, ex. diapers were like $80 and ketchup was $15 - everyone knows you can use cloth diapers and ketchup is just tomatoes, sugar and water. but honestly, i think those high prices are good because it means you DO have to make stuff at home. the rest of the world pays far too little for stuff like chocolate where the cocoa came from Africa and the milk from Russia and it's put together in Canada and then shipped to the USA. while i doubt those guys can grow much, potatoes grow in greenland so can't they grow there in Nunavut too...? i mean, SOME things must grow...

anyway, i was just thinking about it again. our costs could go way down if only we could grow our own food, not rely on machines (that cost electricity - solar-powered machines or something would be fine). just think if you could like, grow corn and then use the corn stalks to make fabric or something....
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