17 July 2017 @ 07:34 pm
i've restarted how i'm gonna teach myself greenlandic like five times. my current plan is to add all the words i can find off various people's memrise courses into my own organized courses: 1 for "headwords", 1 for "suffixes", 1 for "compound words".

so ex. the word "town" is: illu (house), qaq (has, exists), fik (location or time for) —>
illoqarfik "place where houses exist = town, village".

"illu" would be a headword, "qaq" and "fik" would be suffixes, and "illoqarfik" would be a compound word. the sound changes are regular so when adding words in i'll completely ignore all sound changes and write the "original" form of the word even if you never see it in real life. there's also compound suffixes, which go in their own section in the suffixes course.

i'm now trying to ignore the fact that the meanings and grammar info i find is probably wrong; just like when learning japanese, they'll just be tools to help me find the correct meanings later after i actually understand enough of the language.

after i do straight memorization of all the headwords (of which there are theoretically around 2,000) and suffixes (around 400), i'll then start on the compound words while tackling texts THAT HAVE TRANSLATIONS! luckily i can understand written danish fairly well, because you're never gonna find translations outside of danish, except for certain famous books like pippi longstocking... anyway, despite that i'm constantly restarting i am inadvertently memorizing more and more greenlandic words as i go, so it's still helping even if it's kinda like spinning in a hamster wheel. but today i found out that, for example, there's a certain ending to mean "when i, when you, when it...", which i hadn't seen written about anywhere else, so ex. "when the ship it comes, i'll leave".
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