20 July 2017 @ 12:35 am
went through all the greenlandic (in danish and english) courses on memrise, combined them with the wordlist i already had from book sources, weeded out duplicates; ended up with 582 words in the “headword” category. it was really fun making up esperanto names for animals (ex. “bite-fly”)! i’ll keep going by pulling words from textbooks/linguistic papers now, but i'm getting pretty tired.

bad dictionaries = huge problem. for example, the word for “blue” is actually just another word (was it blueberry?) with a suffix added, but the dictionary doesn’t note this because they’re assuming you’re a greenlander who already knows such an obvious fact… despite that it DOES show the “real stem” of over half the words you look up. so i only figure it out myself when i put everything into a spreadsheet and organize it alphabetically. by the way, if you use memrise, you can just highlight and copy all the words from a level when you're in course edit mode and paste them into a spreadsheet (at least into Open Office) and it copies perfectly - columns and everything.

figured out another suffix meaning: “qat” i think it was. they say it means “fellow” or “person you do something with”, as in “fellow worker = coworker”. but it actually just seems to mean “same” (as in esperanto: sam-klas-ano, same-class-member, member of the same class = classmate), because you say (as far as i remember) something like “locationally height, they are the same” = they’re as tall as each other. “fellow” or “person you do height with” doesn’t exactly make sense there l-lol

there's a few more i figured out but i can't remember which ones... ah yes, i think one means "stuff" as in "stuff you pack = package", "stuff you carry with you = baggage" (esperanto aĵo). of course i'm not 100% sure about all these suffix meanings and usually everything goes to hell once you're good enough to actually be able to read sentences, but i'll just keep trying to pinpoint them and see how far i can get.
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