22 July 2017 @ 06:10 pm
started watching "slam dunk"... i can see why people ship it. typical shounen stuff, except also weird stuff like in the second episode they out of nowhere declare that this was the first meeting between the main char and his "rival for the rest of his life." what?? and rival guy's so uninterested in girls he can't even remember their names or if he's seen them before. even when they're his clubmates.

they're also having some gay poses as jokes and the main char has 0 luck with women (and just likes "any girl, just because she's female"). it seems like a pretty good series for fandom in general because there's a bunch of stuff you can play around with it, ex. the main character's both responsible and not, both honorable and not, attempts to commit suicide and seemingly easily gets depressed...

also the ending song is pretty gay:

あなた だけ 見つめて る — gazing only at you
出 会った 日 から 今 で も ずっと — (starting) from the day we suddenly met, even now, always
あなた さえ そば に いれば — if only (i) could be be by YOUR side (?? "if i could be by only YOUR side" is hard to translate...)
他 に 何 も いらない — (i) wouldn't need anything else at all

coupled with the whole "rival for life" and the picture DURING THESE LYRICS being these two guys staring at each other and nothing else....
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