08 August 2017 @ 01:40 pm
pruned my twitter "followers" list; deleted all the annoying, boring, etc people including that racist, constantly-angry american living in japan (i'd thought they were following me because i'm pretty sure we were originally mutuals; turns out on your followers page you can see if someone's following you back or not and they weren't.) i'm actually only following THREE people who "only speak english", one of them is my childhood friend so i told them about my plans to quit english (on that twitter), they're at work so they haven't answered yet... also posted the plans on my tumblr (if i can manage to quit english i'll also be quitting tumblr by default since i only ever go on there to post in english).

hafta do a buncha stuff in general: clean out my computer files, clean room, etc. i think after that i can begin the no-english (the computer stuff at least involves a lot of english because it's just me sorting out files and books and things). i'm not sure what i'm going to do about this DW account; it doesn't really bother me because you guys are all nice on here and my biggest problem with english is Angry Mean Stupid People, but at the same time if i write in english here i'll probably slip up and write in it elsewhere as well... ahh but i have all those japanese lessons to write for the japanese community.... it's not like i'm on DW all day or anything so maybe it's fine...
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