09 August 2017 @ 06:01 am
well the first day of working on my new goals isn't over yet (it's 6am) but i think i woke up like 8 hours ago.... first i ate, then i sat down to check twitter and read a japanese news article.

1st big mistake: checking twitter, reading emails and logging in to my online game wastes a few HOURS. it's alright if i'm just reading, but as soon as i have to write anything i take forever, so i need to figure out how to cut that down.

I picked a random article, it was this one about some baby twin pandas:

That was alright, I added in all the kanji to my kanji dictionary I'm building, but the article about that blind couple I read a few days ago was three times that long. So I went to find a second article, this time about an earthquake:


That was my mistake. I was just lucky with the first article. Looking up the precise meanings of kanji takes a REALLY LONG TIME! I've literally been sitting here for like five hours doing this between those two articles and the original blind-couple one (which i'm still not done with)! For example you have 穴 "hole" and 孔 "hole". Apparently 穴 is any type of hole (butthole, cavern, etc) and 孔 is a specifically a hole "that doesn't pierce all the way through something", ex. a crater, the goal-hole for your golf-ball. But in order to find out this distinction, which wasn't in the dictionary, I had to Google and eventually find some random Japanese person's blog where they described it.

and all those hours passed. i still have to watch my one anime episode, which is probably going to take an hour and a half (since i have to pause and look up words / copy sentences down all the time), and then do something else. i'm going to try and correct one of those poems i need to correct a day, just have to do it all piece-by-piece....
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