01 August 2017 @ 07:50 am
uwaaaahhh!! this japanese girl’s too cute!! today i taught her “me, he, him, she, her, they, played, games, matter, some, always, all ways, discuss, cuss, will, ill, again, we’ll talk again tomorrow, i have some friends, a sad matter happened to me” (i didn’t have the heart to tell her we don’t actually use “matter” as casually as japanese “koto”, english is already hard enough)

again my japanese is NOOOT good enough for this, for example i couldn’t manage to explain that “cuss” simply means “a bad word” and isn’t actually a bad word itself, so she ended up going “cuss! cuss! english is difficult!” haha goddammit ;_; but she’s super excited and happy and thankful that i’m helping her and she’s actually practicing the pronunciation at home and everything. she wants to understand our game chat messages so she’s bringing me messages to explain.

also this time her mom and dog were clearly in the background, at one point her mom was telling her to watch her pronunciation orz
30 July 2017 @ 04:28 am
just taught english to a japanese guildmate over LINE (japanese Skype)!!!

it was really difficult in the beginning because i didn't know exactly what she wanted. right off the bat she wanted to know how to say 例える 例えている 例えば etc which translates to "gives an example" "giving an example" "for example"... so i thought she meant she wanted me to give an example of "any" english, instead she wanted me to translate those forms x.X

then she wanted "do, can, am, is", which... well "do, am" are extremely hard for japanese people to learn. i explained it like this:

I = 私
I am, I'm = 私は(今)
do = する
do laundry = 洗濯 する (somehow she knew the word "laundry"...!)

she was trying to pair up can and do together "i can do eat" kind of thing, i tried to explain that we don't use "do" with all verbs, and it was reaaally difficult for her to understand...

then i taught her "pronounce, pronounciation, pronouncing". "sing?" she asked, "utau? (sing)", i said "yes it's the same! but "pronouncing" is a foreign word. and wrote it out in spelling: "pro noun sing", then she remembered it really well after that (pro is the same in japanese).

she can't hear or say the difference between "fern" and "fun" unfortunately, so she kept trying to say "i'm fun, i'm having fun!" and it always sounded like "i'm fern". she tried really hard but... i'm sorry... i can't teach how to say new sounds, especially not over voice chat that doesn't even have video so i can't show my mouth movements...

well it was a lot of fun! and we're gonna do it tomorrow at the same time (4am my time...) too!!! i'm going to slowly learn how to teach japanese people english, and she'll help me with japanese too, it's a good deal.