06 July 2017 @ 02:47 pm
learning lots of useful words from animelon, here are a few just from today (Flying Witch):

ババ抜き - old maid (card game). literally something like "old-crone removal"
地元(民) - local (person). previously i only knew a katakana english borrowing.
加工 - processed, as in processed food
綿飴 - cotton candy (it's a literal translation of the english)
くじ - short for 宝くじ, (casual) lottery
あま - short for あまり "too much"
失業中 - currently unemployed, literally "in the middle of lacking work"

when you learn it in a textbook, how they use some words (that your book claims are grammar) like "feign" are hard to understand but then when you see something like "don't pretend you didn't see him!!" and two episodes later "pretend you don't know him", it all clicks into place haha.

anyway, so i was reading about if you can use fruit juice (as in dates i've put into a blender along with some water) in making kombucha instead of honey, because honey's way more expensive, and someone said their sugar cravings and sweet tooth disappeared when they started having kombucha regularly even though they hadn't planned on / thought about it. something about getting the actual proper nutrients. i realized the same is true for me too, the times i want to eat something like sugary fruit / junk food in general is always when i've stopped (for whatever reason) making/eating the fermented foods.

i also noticed that i don't get red lines on my stomach or marks on my skin in general anymore, unless i've eaten something bad. (i just noticed this like 2 days ago for the first time, since i ate something bad for the first time in a long while). you know, it used to be that when i was sitting at the computer or whatever and then got up, or when i woke up in the morning, i'd have red lines/indent lines on my stomach or the underside of my arms and stuff like that, and now it just doesn't happen. but this is just another thing i've noticed myself, haven't read anywhere. i'm gonna go look it up now...

EDIT: looked it up, so far it's another one of those "no one has any clue why some people get this and others don't lol eat vitamins i guess" subjects apparently.