09 July 2017 @ 07:36 am
tried to get my upperclassman who's currently on exchange to japan to start a blog about the exchange... i mean, you're on a "once-in-a-lifetime opportunity", at the very least you're living in a cool new country and are supposed to be a kind of spokesperson for your school, and you found some OTHER previous exchange student's blog helpful, and i'm sure tons of people would be really interested.

but they're saying they don't have any image galleries anywhere, no blogs, nothing. they've already been there for a semester and have one semester left. i said, i really recommend for you to start one, i know that just after 1-2 years i'll have forgotten a ton of went on (i did live in iceland for 2 years after all... but what's left? it's only been 5 years and i've already forgotten most of it by far, when not reminded by photo proof) and i just started an exchange blog in advance now but i've already gotten japanese people i've shown it to get really excited and invite me to visit them and things due to it. so "you could get a lot of great opportunities through it" i said. i mean, i might be able to get a JOB through showing people my blog or something, you never know.

she replied with something like "it's great that it works so well for you, but i feel like i don't have time".

don't have time? literally all you have to do is write a paragraph every now and then, and/or upload some photos which if you have any sense in your head you should already be taking... if you want, whenever you have free time you can edit the posts to add in more info. you can freaking do this while you're commuting to school by bus! though the most logical time would be right before bed after your homework / email-checking is done.

anyway, i felt that her reply was kinda rude. one of those "YOU can do that but I can't possibly because my life is tougher/busier/whatever than yours" sorts of replies that people love giving as an excuse to not try anything new at all... i mean, how in the world does she not have ANY time? she's even said herself that the classes are ridiculously easy and with like no homework, she doesn't have a job, and she has time to check skype and stuff. you know, you don't have to blog every day or every week, and if you have a blog then you don't have to email your relatives, facebook message your friends etc to say what's going on anymore. sigh. well whatever, it's her loss, but it's annoying whenever i know people ARE going to really regret something a few years later and they still don't listen to other people / people with experience about it...