13 August 2017 @ 06:09 am
tooltips; 1235 entries  
i've managed to make tooltips in firefox bigger! i actually tried doing it a year or so ago and couldn't find info on it, this time the info came up in two seconds on google:

Pop-up dictionary has 1235 entries; I'm really getting to the point where there's not much left to do BUT what's left is AWFUL! First off I'm spending an hour just trying to find stuff like the difference between stuff like 答 and 応 (both mean "reply", one with an obvious nuance difference, but WHAT is that difference??). It's like researching the difference in nuance for "drink" versus "beverage" when you aren't anywhere near fluent in the language. Second off, a lot of the remaining kanji aren't described in English anywhere and the Japanese descriptions are really confusing (like, try describing what a "cat" is without using pictures) AND have both old and new forms ("cape" as in "headland" has like 5 possible archaic versions or something).

And then there's the shortenings. Soooo many words are shortened! For example "warm spring jewel child" 温泉 玉子: jewel child is the slangy way to write "egg" (sounds the same), warm spring=hotspring. this refers to that people used to (and still do actually, if movies are to be believed) make boiled eggs by putting the eggs in a net bag and submerging them in a hot spring for a while; so this is the term for a soft-boiled egg. Now 温泉 玉子 gets shortened to simply 温玉 "warm jewel". so i have to look up the word's meaning, look up what it's short for, figure out how to translate it to esperanto ("dubiously-boiled egg, forth-boiled egg")...

...BUT i predict there's really not all that much work left to do in reality. and my wife's sisters have finally left for their own apartment now, after staying here for over a month (earlier in the year they stayed for SIX MONTHS) so i can actually work during the day now (excluding when my wife's mom stays home from work, which is often).

making natto again, last time i accidentally dropped the hot pot and spilled all the beans onto the ground so i got a bit discouraged for a while (it takes a really long time/lot of effort to make simply because we don't have a pressure cooker or yoghurt maker), but now i'm back at it....