17 July 2017 @ 08:07 pm
Swedish C1>C1
Goal: To actually get proof that I'm C1 so I can take any courses I want in University (right now I'm legally restricted to only ones that don't require you having passed gymnasium-level Swedish classes).
Timeframe: Within the next year.
To do:
1. Write and read in Swedish. I guess. I need to start reading lots of e-books but I can't be bothered.
2. Practice pronunciation.

Man I don't give a crap about Swedish so it's reeeally hard to use it, that's why I'm still not "as good as a native speaker" yet and why I still need proof I'm C1 to begin with. If I'm gonna keep living here I do actually want to get as good as a native speaker but at the moment I don't know what my future'll be like so...

Japanese B1>C1
Goal: To be able to understand literally anything I want in Japanese. In general, to be so good that I can be a text translator and get myself a job.
Timeframe: Within the next year.
To do: Probably just "let it happen". I'm already studying almost every day and I'm going on an exchange year soon...

Faroese A1>C1
Goal: To understand the spoken language. Right now I only understand the written (C1), I get maybe 1/3rd of the spoken.
Timeframe: Whenever.
To do: Read a Harry Potter book while listening to the audiobook at the same time.

Chinook Jargon B1>C1
Goal: Learn ALL the words, even the ones I never use myself, so I can write/read stories and stuff without looking anything up.
Timeframe: Whenever.
To do: Memorize words on Memrise I guess.

Esperanto C1>C1
Goal: Improve my general flexibility in how I say things or understand other people, reduce my usage of loanwords.
Timeframe: Neverending ongoing project.
To do: Keep learning foreign languages and copy ideas for compound words from them.

The problem with this is I really think a lot of the "not understanding other people" isn't my fault. Ignoring that other people's Esperanto is usually really bad, other people are also usually entirely lacking logic and don't make any sense even when writing in their own language. They also can't understand anything that's not written exactly like it is in their dictionary (and if there's one language not meant for that kind of rigid thinking it's Esperanto)...

Greenlandic A1>B1
Goal: To understand all the grammar and suffixes. More generally, to be able to read books and news articles.
Timeframe: Within the next 3 months, if I'm super lucky.
To do:
1. Just sit down and memorize a ton of crap and try try try.... Then eventually make a blog in shitty Greenlandic and see if anyone finds it and will help me learn.
2. Improve my understanding of Danish and in connection maybe Southern Swedish so I have an easier time understanding the learning materials. They use a lot of words I don't know and can't guess the meaning of by context (because there IS no context), ex. "at pleje".

I think that's all the languages I have anyway, I tend to forget some....