01 August 2017 @ 07:50 am
uwaaaahhh!! this japanese girl’s too cute!! today i taught her “me, he, him, she, her, they, played, games, matter, some, always, all ways, discuss, cuss, will, ill, again, we’ll talk again tomorrow, i have some friends, a sad matter happened to me” (i didn’t have the heart to tell her we don’t actually use “matter” as casually as japanese “koto”, english is already hard enough)

again my japanese is NOOOT good enough for this, for example i couldn’t manage to explain that “cuss” simply means “a bad word” and isn’t actually a bad word itself, so she ended up going “cuss! cuss! english is difficult!” haha goddammit ;_; but she’s super excited and happy and thankful that i’m helping her and she’s actually practicing the pronunciation at home and everything. she wants to understand our game chat messages so she’s bringing me messages to explain.

also this time her mom and dog were clearly in the background, at one point her mom was telling her to watch her pronunciation orz
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