06 August 2017 @ 04:03 pm

This week:
— Unlock debit card, try to make sure student loan money will go into it
— Fix/translate those African poems
— Write self-intro for the Esperanto club

Before October:
— Clean room, toss everything
— Clean out comp, sell old comp?
— Get to N1 level in reading Japanese

Keep thinking again that I have to "man up" and just become an adult already. Adults can't shirk all their responsibilities and put off everything for months, they don't promise stuff that has a chance of not happening, they don't spend all their time complaining, etc. Of course I'm speaking about the ideal type of adult, the kind that's in my mind. I have a LOT of stuff I've been putting off for months or years and I REALLY need to just swallow my fear/laziness and do it, though in the past few days I've for some reason felt really tired and sleepy all day... Last night I had a bad eyeache and was super thirsty too, they're probably all connected.... *yawns* when i say tired, i mean if i pause in writing this my eyes literally slide out of focus and i feel like i'm going to drift off to sleep in a few moments. it's summertime so my body's overtaxing itself, what with the bright sunlight and all, i think...

If you put off stuff until you "feel like it" or "feel better", you'll never get it done. Time doesn't actually stop just because you don't feel any time-press. Then suddenly that thing you promised to do, you realize your promise happened 4 months ago, or you haven't replied to that Email in 5 weeks. Sigh. Just have to man up... Clean everything, keep it clean, become an adult. Stop messing up and eating food that makes me feel sick.

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